Some FAQs related to ring doorbell (2nd gen)

Q.1 Is ring doorbell 2nd gen waterproof?

Ans. Yes, It is all weatherproof.

Q.2 Does it work with other echo devices?

Ans. Yes, it is compatible with echo devices like Alexa.


Some FAQs Related to ring video elite doorbell

Q.1. Do we need a subscription?

Ans. No, you don’t need a subscription, but the company offers you cloud storage plans at $3 and $10 per month. ( You can cancel your subscription anytime).

Q.2 Is it wired or wireless?

Ans. It is a hand-wired Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection doorbell.


FAQs Related to ring video doorbell pro

Q.1 What is the recommended speed of the ring video pro doorbell?

Ans. I will suggest you the internet speed of 2Mbps For the best performance.

Q.2 Does Ring video doorbell pro keeps all the footage?

Ans. Yes, it keeps all the footage, but you have to buy Ring Protect Plan( It is not compulsory).


FAQs related to ring peephole cam

Q.1 It is compulsory to have a peephole ti install this doorbell?

Ans. Yes, It is compulsory to have a peephole to setup ring peephole cam as it is explicitly designed for peephole doors.

Q.2 Can ring peephole cameras be installed outside your apartments?

Ans. Yes, rings peephole camera can be installed outside your apartments also as it is weather-resistant.

Some Common FAQs:

Q.1 How Does the Ring Doorbell Work?

Ans. If you are looking for a smart doorbell for your home, then you might consider Ring. Ring doorbells are a handy product that can be installed anywhere in your house quickly. All the ring doorbells are first connected to your Home wifi have been mounted and start sending alerts When a motion is detected( In simple words, when someone presses the button of your Doorbell). Most of the Ring doorbells are wired, just like its other competitor’s Ring doorbells have a rechargeable battery that allows you to charge your battery at a lightning-fast speed.

Most of the ring doorbells have the same features like two-way talk functionality; motion zones record in day and night. You can also stream live footage in your mobile or any other device through ring app. All the ring doorbells also send alerts to your mobile. Whenever a motion is detected and allows you to capture and store videos on the cloud for a monthly fee of 3$, all these doorbells will send you notifications when motion is detected within 30 feet. Note: Ring not only sends you alerts when motion is detected, but it will also send you information when the battery is low.

The ring app is available for both android and ios and windows ten also. The best part is it allows you to see the HD stream of the person whom you are speaking to. You can use the ring app for all the models through ring app you can view the history of events, turn On and Off notifications, view footage, check doorbells status, and a few more things. I hope that you have understood how to ring doorbell works.

Q.2 How to install ring doorbell 2?

Ans. Have you purchased ring doorbell 2 and worried about its setup? Don’t worry you are in the right place we will be telling in the easiest way possible. You just have to follow all the steps carefully.

Charge and install your battery: Even if you have purchased a hardwired doorbell, you still have to charge its battery as a backup. This doorbell model has a removable and rechargeable battery. It is very simple to charge the battery even if you have mounted your doorbell. You just have to connect your battery with an adapter. You will see a red; light, when the red light turns to green this shows that your battery is charged.

Download Ring app: You can install the ring app from the play store or app store NOTE: This app will be your main access point. You will receive all the alerts, notifications, and be able to talk with visitors through this app only.

Install your battery and complete registration of the app: In this step, you have to attach your battery to the doorbell and wait for a few seconds till it gets power On. After that, you have to press the button located at that upperside of the doorbell then select Ring wifi on your phone and connect your doorbell.

Switch off your current doorbell: You have to remove your exciting doorbell but make sure that you have powered off your circuit breaker. ( It will prevent you from getting any shock). NOTE: Don’t forget to uninstall your old doorbell app.

Prepare the wall for installation: You have to make four holes in your wall to mount your doorbell. Hold the doorbell up to the wall and make markings with the help of a pencil. After that, you can make holes with the help of a drill machine. In case if you are unable to make holes then you can ask a family member to help you.

Attach the doorbell wires: Connect the two wires on the back of the doorbell it doesn’t matter which wire you are connecting to the screw. In case if your wires are too short you can use wire extenders that are provided in the box.

Power On your circuit breaker: As in the previous steps you have powered off your main circuit breaker and test the doorbell that it is working properly.

Q.3 How to reset ring doorbells?

Ans. Ring doorbell is an excellent product that is easy to use and setup. Just like other devices sometimes you may have some kind of problems with ring doorbells; One of the easiest ways to get out of this problem is by resetting it to factory settings. If you are facing any kind of problem with your Ring doorbell, you may have to reset your Doorbell. Want to reset your Doorbell? If yes, don’t worry here we will be giving you a complete guide on how to factory reset your Doorbell. One thing that you have to keep in your brain is that when you reset your Doorbell, all the recordings will be deleted from your ring app, so make sure that you download all your previous records. You may experience issues like you are unable to connect your Doorbell with wifi properly, your night vision is not working correctly or any question like that so without wasting any moment let’s solve your problem.

Hard Reset

  • In the first step, you have to find a reset button in your doorbell. ( This button is usually located at the back of the doorbell).
  • After finding that button you have to click on it for 15 seconds.
  • After 15 seconds you have to release that button meanwhile you will see a light flashing in the front of the doorbell. ( This indicates that your doorbells resetting process has started).
  • THen wait for 5 minutes as it will take some time to reset.
  • When you will see that light stops flashing it means that your reset process is successfully completed.

Factory reset

  • Firstly, you have to open the ring app on your smartphone.
  • Click on “Your ring doorbell”.
  • After that click on “Settings icon”.
  • Now will see the option of “Remove device” Click on it.
  • You will see that a new screen is displayed to select the “Delete” button.
  • Hurray! Your ring doorbell will vanish from the app; Now you can set it again.

Q.4 How to charge the ring doorbell?

Ans. The ring is one of the leading producers of doorbells and provides you the best quality doorbells, Most of the ring doorbells are wifi-enabled with an integrated camera so that you can easily see who is outside the door. If you have purchased a ring doorbell then it is necessary to charge it once or twice a year here is the complete guide about how to charge your ring doorbell. So let us discuss it but Make sure that you follow all the steps carefully:

  • First of all, you have to see how much juice is left in your ring doorbell ( You can easily see by opening the ring app on your phone and clicking on “device”).
  • You will see that the battery level option is appearing in the right corner.
  • If you are willing to know the exact percentage of your battery then you have to click on the gear icon and it is also located at the top right corner.
  • From gear, the option will know the accurate percentage of how much battery is left.
  • To recharge the ring doorbell you have to remove it from the mounting bracket and start removing screws from the doorbell. After that, you can remove it.
  • After removing the doorbell you have to look at the backside of the doorbell, you will see a micro USB port( You will use that port to charge your battery).
  • After that, you have to plug in the adapter in the micro USB port; You will see a blue LED light will tell you about the battery status.
  • It will take about 60 minutes to charge if it is around to die.

NOTE: When your battery is charging Meanwhile you will not get any notifications or alerts.

Q.5 How to install ring Doorbell pro?

Ans. So, you have recently bought a ring doorbell pro, Worried about its installation don’t worry the installation is very easy. So let’s dive into the ring doorbell pro installation process.

Test your Wifi network

Before you get started it is important to test your wifi speed( You can simply do it with your smartphone) at the place where you are thinking of installing the doorbell. NOTE: A slow network can cause many issues like pixelation, lagging your live footage and a few more things like that ao, it is important to test your wifi.

Install Ring app and set up your device

You don’t have to worry, the app is available for both android and ios after installing your ring app you just have to create an account. ( It is very important to create an account as you will get all the alerts on your phone through the ring app). After logging in you will see a setup device option you have to click on it and select your doorbell model; Scan QR code on the side of the doorbell.

Enter your address

In this step, You have to confirm your account and address where you wanted to install your doorbell. The company claims that this information is necessary for the functions of your doorbell. After that, the app will prompt you to give your doorbell a name.

Power Off Circuit breaker

You have to power off your main power circuit because now you have to do some wiring work.

Install your Doorbell

You have to make two holes( You can use a drill machine for this work) After aking holes you have to mount your doorbell. You have to connect two wires at the back of your doorbell, tighten the screws and fix your wires. ( You will get these screws in the doorbell box).

Install Pro Power kit V2

You have noticed that ring doorbell pro comes with a kit that helps you to connect with a chime inside your house. Make sure that your chime is switched off, after switching off your chime, loosen its screws and attach one wire from the pro kit to all the terminals.

Enter Wifi Informarion

The ring app will prompt you to join the wifi network and enter all the information on your wifi network.

Attach Faceplate

Ring doorbell comes with different sorts of faceplates which you need to connect with the video doorbell pros baseplate. Hurray! Your setup is complete now you can easily customize your setting according to your needs by using the ring app.

Q.6 Who owns the ring doorbell?

Ans. Recently, one of my relatives bought a ring doorbell, and I am curious to know who owns the ring doorbell? According to my research ring company is owned by Amazon, Amazon purchased this company in 2018. Ring doorbells support Alexa and other devices owned by amazon. Making smarter homes and Moving amazon forward with more opportunities. Now it is time to tell you about how the ring company was started. In 2013 one-person Jamie Siminoff( Founder of ring company) Brought a “Doorbot” to show shark tanks in the hope of inventing his own company but sadly, none of the sharks wanted to assist him.

After inventing the Doorbell, Siminoff has started developing more products related to smart home security like cameras, alarms, and stuff like that. ( He got this idea from video doorbells). He talks about how his wife helped him to present the concept of a video doorbell. Now with the help of amazon products and Doorbell, you can make your house more secure. Now, after the invention of the Doorbell, the crime rate has been reduced. Many people are caught red-handed with ring video doorbells. One thing that I am amazed about to know one thing about the Ring is that In case if your Doorbell is stolen, you can report to the police and the Ring will send you a new doorbell.

The Ring has played an essential role in securing the community. You can provide you with the comfort that you need and other features like that. The best part is you can fully secure your home at a low price. In simple words, you can communicate with the person who is on the gate.

Q.7. How to remove Ring Doorbell?

Ans. Have you recently purchased a ring doorbell and wanted to remove the old one? If yes then You can read our previous articles there we have explained how to remove ring video doorbells.

Q.8 Where to buy Ring doorbells?

Ans. You can buy ring doorbells from any shopping website like amazon, Walmart, etc or you can also buy from ring stores. Note: You can also purchase ring doorbells from the ring official website.

Q.9 How long does the ring battery last?

Ans. Are you worried about the ring doorbell battery? When I purchased the ring doorbell, I was also concerned about the same thing. Hopefully,  Ring doorbell battery life is not too short. Well, there is a lot of information available on the internet about ring doorbell battery life, but that information can be outdated. You don’t have to worry here we will provide you up to date information, I Will be telling you about all the necessary things that you should know about ring doorbells battery. Note: I am also going to tell you about how you can increase your Doorbell’s battery life.

You will also get an option of connecting your Doorbell to solar panels, but the question arises how to know that your battery needs to be charged. Well, According to my research Ring doorbells battery lasts about six to twelve months and it also depends on your model, but you have to keep one thing in mind that you have to charge your battery whenever you feel it is low. You can also view battery levels of your Ring doorbell through your smartphone. Here’s how

  • You have to select your specific doorbell from the “My devices” menu.
  • When you’re done with the first step you will get the battery [percentage at the top-right corner of your mobile phone.

The battery levels will be displayed in the form of images but In case, If you want to know the exact percentage of your battery you can select the “gear” option located at the top-right corner.

Now we will tell you about How you can increase your doorbell’s battery life; There are a few things that you can follow to increase battery life. If your doorbell is sending a large number of useless alerts like Passing a car, People passing nearby, or any other things like that you can customize your motion detection settings. It will take more than 10 hours to fully charge your battery. In case if your battery is not working properly or you are facing any issues with your battery then you can also replace your battery.

Q.10 Is the ring doorbell waterproof?

Ans. Ring Doorbell cameras are one of the latest trends Nowadays. There are a lot of places in the world right now that experience rain and hurricanes; So it is essential to know whether the doorbells are weather-resistant or not. Well, the answer is Yes Ring doorbells are weather resistant. Note: Ring doorbells are weather resistant in average rain and storms only. It will work till you submerge your Doorbell in water. What to do if we live in a place where it rains a lot. Well, a solution is this problem is a rain cover. You can buy a rain cover for your Doorbell.

Now another question arises that Can Ring video doorbells withstand in harsh climatic conditions like heat and snow. Yes, Ring doorbells can work in freezing temperatures and will function properly in the rain, but It is recommended not to submerge your Doorbell in water. So, According to Ring company, they claim that their video doorbell can withstand harsh climatic conditions like heat and snow. Now we will tell you some of the ways which you can use to protect your Doorbell from elements. The best way to protect your Doorbell from harsh climatic conditions is by using an awning or roof but what to do when there is no awning or roof?

Most of the porches already have protective structures built on the doorway. If your door doesn’t have any protective structures, you don’t have to worry. There are many products available on the internet that you can directly install above the doorbell camera from harsh climatic conditions. These devices are generally made from silicone and plastic so that it can protect your Doorbell. It comes in various colors so that the device suits your home. 

Final words

So, These are some of the FAQs related to ring video doorbells soi if you like this article with your close ones who have recently purchased Ring video doorbell, and If you have any queries, you can freely ask in the comment section.