How Do I Resync My Arlo Camera Base Station?

Arlo is a company that was a part of Netgear prior to 2017. It was in the same year when the company declared itself as an independent organization. Arlo is a company that makes dozens of products related to home security. Arlo provides security solutions for protecting your home from thefts and intruders. The company is popular for making wireless cameras and wireless doorbells. The devices are easy to set up. For more information, visit Arlo camera setup. If you follow this guide precisely, you will not face issues with the Arlo camera setup.

Arlo devices work with their application. If you are planning to use Arlo security cameras, you must create an account on the Arlo website and download the Arlo app on your iOS or Android device. Once your account is created, you can log in to the Arlo mobile application and set up your Arlo wireless device easily.

Some of the Arlo cameras require an Arlo wireless base station to work. The cameras which require Arlo wireless base station can not work without the Arlo wireless base station. If you are facing problems with Arlo wireless base station, here is a tutorial that helps you solve some of the problems that you might face with the Arlo wireless base station.

Arlo wireless base station is a device that helps you connect your wireless Arlo cameras with your WiFi router. The Arlo wireless base station can connect with multiple Arlo Wireless security cameras and help them get online. The cameras can not access the network directly.

No device is bug-free. If you keep using Arlo wireless security cameras, there is a high probability that you may start facing issues with them sooner or later. The issues may be caused due to a number of reasons. The most common reason that causes issues with the Arlo base station is the improper configuration of the Arlo wireless base station. 

There are some times when you might feel like performing a complete reset of the Arlo ecosystem. In such a situation you may have to even resynch the Arlo wireless camera with the Arlo wireless base station.

Synching the Arlo wireless camera with the Arlo wireless base station is easy. All you have to do is locate the sync button present on both the Arlo wireless security camera and the Arlo wireless base station.

Press the sync button on the base station and do the same on Arlo wireless base station. Doing this will put both the devices in search mode and they will try to locate each other on the network. Wait for a minute for the process to complete. If everything goes well, the devices are synched. If the setup fails, you may take the help of technical experts.