How To Troubleshoot Issues With The Arlo Mobile App?

Arlo is a company that was a part of Netgear back in 2017. After 2017, it emerged as an independent brand. Since then, Arlo has developed some fantastic products for its customers.

Just like Netgear, Arlo believes in designing excellent products for its customers. Their products are best for those seeking peace of mind. The user experience that you get when using their products is fantastic.

Arlo is a brand that manufactures wireless security camera solutions for your homes and offices. Anyone who seeks peace of mind must install a security camera in their surrounding. Everyone can understand the importance of a security camera or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera. You should not wait till something bad happens to you before installing the CCTV cameras.

Having a CCTV camera not only helps you gather evidence against criminals but also avoids crimes at times. It makes the potential criminal think twice before taking any rash step.

If you have recently purchased an Arlo camera for your home or your office, you should do a complete Arlo Security Camera Setup from scratch.

During the setup of the Arlo wireless security camera, you will be asked to create an account on the Arlo website and install Arlo mobile app and connect it with your device.

If you are using Arlo wireless security cameras, you must be familiar with their application. The application is very user friendly and rarely causes issues. Everyone can use it with ease.

Sometimes, the Arlo mobile application glitches out. Corrupted data usually cause this. So here is a complete list of all the things that you can do to solve issues with your Arlo mobile app.

  • Internet connectivity issues: If you are experiencing internet issues, the Arlo mobile application will not work as required. Arlo’s mobile application required a constant internet connection to work. The application requires a strong internet connection with high bandwidth. Make sure you are connected to a high-speed internet connection if you are trying to use the Arlo mobile application. If you have a decent and stable 5Mbps connection, you are good to go.
  • Operating System requirements: If you are using the Android version before Android 5.0 lollipop and iOS version older than iOS 11, then you may face problems with the Arlo camera application.
  • Update: If you are running an older version of the Arlo application, it will start creating problems for you. If you are not sure, set up your phone to auto-update apps for you.

If you are an Android user, open the play store application, then go to settings and check the auto-update applications from the menu.

In case if you are using iOS, open the Apple app store and go to settings. From the settings menu, select the auto-update applications option.

  • Clear app data: Try to open the app settings and in the operating system and press the clear all app data and cache button. There are times when the bugs creep in the app data. This may be due to the files stored in your internal storage of your smartphone/laptop getting corrupted. Clearing the app data will wipe your application, but it may solve most of your problems.
  • Reinstalling the applications: If all else fails, try to remove the application entirely from your smartphone and reinstall it from the play store/app store. Doing this will altogether remove all the components of the application from the system.

We have discussed a lot of methods to solve the problems with the Arlo mobile application. These methods are pretty easy to follow. Though the exact reason why the application sometimes misbehaves is challenging to find out, the solution to all such minor bugs and glitches is reinstalling the application completely. Your Arlo pro camera won’t sync if you reopen the app after following the last two steps. You have to sync it again.

We hope the problem that you were facing before reading this article is solved, but if for some reason or another, you are still struggling with the problem you can try installing the Arlo mobile app from some other device. It can be your secondary device or your friend’s device; it doesn’t matter.

A lot of times, the issues lie with your phone too. If you are an Android user, there are good chances that you might be affected by malware which is causing problems with other Applications. Some good indicators of malware or adware in smartphones are lag and slowing down of the device.

In such a case, if malware infects your phone, you should install an antivirus application or perform a factory data reset. Beware that if you perform a factory data reset of your smartphone, all your data will be lost. Keep a backup on the cloud and restore it once you are done resetting the device.