Ring Video Doorbells Models And Their Features

Best ring doorbells

Well, almost every one of us is familiar with ring doorbells, so there’s nothing to explain about doorbells; So let’s discuss their types.

Ring video doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell is a lovely device. It not only tells you who is on the door But also lets you talk with them with your smartphone. The best thing that we loved about this doorbell is that it enables you to chat with the visitor without opening the door, and it is compatible with other devices like Alexa.

If you want to look at what is happening in front of your door without going out, then Ring video doorbell will be an excellent solution. It comes with a price tag of $99.99, which makes it one of the cheapest and best ring doorbells, But don’t judge by its price tag. It is a fully functional ring doorbell, which has features like Night vision, 180 field view, Resolution of 720p, and much more due to its functionality. Yes, It is an excellent product, but you cannot compare a doorbell cam with a fully functional alarm system.

Our experience

After pairing the ring video doorbell with our smartphone; It gives us a very nice user experience and after installing it we have also added other members. It is very easy to share the only thing that you will need is their email addresses. So if you are living in a house with lots of people this feature will be very helpful. All the members will get the same features like accessing the camera, security alerts, and a few more.

Camera quality

ring video camera

Ring Video doorbell picture and audio quality are excellent and we really loved it. The sound quality is very clear and we could easily hear and look at the person who is on the door (these are the only things that really matter).

The best thing that we loved about ring video doorbells is that you can easily talk to the person who is standing at the door(without opening it). This feature will really help in your daily tasks. But if you have a low connection or maybe the signal is weak at that time you are a bit difficult to recognize someone so you can make sure that your internet speed is good.

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)

ring video doorbell 2


Ring video doorbell 2nd Generation is an upgraded version of ring video doorbell’ As it is an upgraded version so obviously it features are also upgraded like 1080p recording, improved night vision, Improved audio quality, Near zone functionality and a few more. It not only gives you a clear picture and audio quality but an enhanced user experience also.

The ring did an amazing thing that it upgraded to 2nd generation but has a slight change in price. This makes it one of the best value doorbells in the market. Ring doorbell is a simple yet effective tool The best-updated feature that I loved the most is snapshot capture( You can also get still images through the camera). You can also download these images on your mobile devices and it can also be stored in the cloud for 7 days. ( To use this feature you have to enable the ring to protect plan).




  • Improved video and audio quality.
  • Wifi connectivity is a bit stronger.
  • 2.4 GHz connectivity.
  • You will also get a 1-year warranty.
  • Advanced motion detection.
  • Removable/rechargeable battery.
  • A very elegant design.

Ring Video Doorbell 3



A few months back ring launched ring video doorbell 3; It comes with some cool features which will make it much easier to connect. The ring video doorbell has a pretty much similar design to the ring doorbell 2nd gen. You will get 1080 p recording, and you will get 2.5Ghz wifi, and you will also get a “near” motion zone that will help you to see 15 to 20 feet in front of your door. The ring video doorbell three will cost you around 199$, which is a great deal you can buy it from Ring official website or any other woo-commerce site.

We have experienced that in some of the places you don’t get proper signals ( Make sure that you place the doorbell at the right place where it will get appropriate signals). Moreover, the Ring does not offer any wifi extender or something like that. A better radio in the doorbell can help you. The most annoying thing that most of us don’t like is false alert (Getting a warning when there is someone on the gate) but to solve this problem; you have to dial down motion sensitivity. This will close the motion zone and eliminate this hazel.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite


After ring video doorbell three-ring has launched ring doorbell elite ring has done some significant changes in this model that you will know. This doorbell costs around 150$, which is affordable and they have also made some changes in appearance. The major update that the Ring has made is that you can run this doorbell at an ethernet connection. When someone rings the bell, it acts as a security camera, this doorbell records motion-triggered clips rather than PIR motion sensors. In simple words, motion sensors are the area of the particular images that you want to monitor. If you live on a busy street or a place like that this feature will be beneficial, it will act as a lifesaver for you. This feature will reduce the number of alerts that you get.

Favorite features

Recently, Ring has launched People Only Mode which only records and sends alerts when people are detected. If you want you can also snooze upcoming alerts for 2 to 3 hours, and you can easily control the bell with your smartphone by downloading the Ring app. When we tested this doorbell, it is straightforward to use like other doorbells the ring app is very well designed and organized. We are easily able to customize motion zones, and the speed of alerts is charming (this is because of ethernet connection). There is no lag time, and we loved its speed and reliability.


  • Cloud storage is available.
  • Very well designed mobile app( Which makes the doorbell easy to control).
  • Night vision.
  • Plenty of advanced features.
  • 1080p recording.
  • Two-way talk.
  • No need for wifi (It works with an ethernet connection).
  • Elegant design.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro


The Ring has been making doorbells for the past few years, and now it has gained perfection. The ring video doorbell pro is a smart, elegant doorbell that will help you to monitor each and everything. Just like other models it also offers 1080p video recording with two-way talk functionality, and the part is that you will get notifications on your phone whenever the bell is pressed. You will also get a night vision feature with full clour quality. When you go to the settings menu, you will get all the history. ( lists of events that took place).

Once you have found the clip that you want, you can easily download it on your device to keep it as evidence. If you want you can also view live recording once you have opened the live recording on your mobile you can use various options like two-way chat turn On or Off your audio etc. In simple words when someone will press the doorbell you will get a notification on your device, When you will click on it, you will be redirected to your ring app, and if you hold your mobile in portrait mode, you will see the live recording and there you will get all the options. You can also answer you with a smart device like amazon echo, but you cannot see the face you can only chat with the person.


  • First of all, you will get advanced motion detection.
  • The ring video doorbell provides you night vision and 1080p recording.
  • Two-way talk option.
  • Works with both android and ios.
  • Elegant design. ( which will suite your house)
  • You will get high-quality audio and video recording.

Ring Peephole Cam



Do you have a peephole in door nad looking for a peephole cam? If yes then this smart video doorbell is for you. It offers some same features of its predecessors like 1080p recording, night vision, and motion control, but the design is a bit different. Using rings Peephole cam you can also detect minor activities such as knocks. It is specially designed for the apartment doors with peephole. This video doorbell also works with Alexa, and if you have a smart tv, you can also watch the recordings on it. ( You will see a bit clear than your smartphone). Unfortunately, ring video doorbell does not have any artificial intelligence; In simple words like facial recognition, so you will also get notifications from every moving object that’s not human.

If you want to save, view recordings you have to buy a ring to protect the plan. It will keep your records for 60 days. The Ring gives you plenty of customizing options so that you can adjust it according to your requirements. It doesn’t matter where you live most of your doors might be equipped with peepholes; If you also have a door with peephole then ring peephole cam will be an ideal pick for you, It will allow you to see that who is on the door with your phone ( Without going near to the door).

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus


Ring video doorbell three plus is a bit different from its battery-powered siblings. The updated feature that makes it different is it will start recording motion events even before it sends you an alert. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about the battery, it is rechargeable, and you can also do anything with PIR sensors, and you can also set motion zones according to your needs. There are mainly three zones left, right and front you can On and Off each zone to receive fewer notifications and adjust motion sensitivity. If you live on a  busy road, then you might have to disable motion zones altogether. The ring video doorbell three also has fewer more options to reduce notifications like people only mode; It will notify you when a person is detected.

The Ring also offers you privacy zone features, which lets you blackout the part of the video to protect your neighbors privacy. After purchasing the ring video plan, you can see all the recorded history they have provided you with various kinds of filters like date, time, etc. to make your work a bit easier. I Have noticed that Ring video doorbell is a bit more active than its siblings.

Final words

I hope that after reading this article, you have complete knowledge of ring video doorbells and their features so if you know someone who is searching for this kind of stuff, please share with him. If you want to know the  setup process of these doorbells, then click here and get the desired information. And if you have any types of queries related to ring video doorbells, please feel free to comment, I will reply to you As soon as possible.